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2nd Anniversary Statue Decoration 2nd Anniversary Statue

Limited For two years, Julian the Fair and his dragon, Leif, have greeted visitors before they enter parks. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than a statue of the wizard himself?

Air Element Flag Decoration Air Element Flag

Dragons of the Air will know you are a fan if you have this Air Element Flag!

Ami'Lya Pond Decoration Ami'Lya Pond

Located in a remote part of the Verulean Highlands, there lies a body of water which our wizards tell us should attract water dragons, and yet the creatures seem to avoid it. Tradition holds that they are leaving it vacant for the lady Ami'Lya who will appear at this pond and call forth a great leader in time of need, though no one is sure who.

Anniversary Statue Decoration Anniversary Statue

Limited Baby fire dragons hold a special place in the heart of guests everywhere, and have even been known to help those that are phobic of dragons. This commemorative statue is associated with the opening of parks throughout DragonVale, there's no better way to celebrate the anniversary of your dragons. It's also the perfect way to thank your guests for a year of fun -- here's to many more!

Apocalypse Flag Decoration Apocalypse Flag

The ourobos signifies a cycle ending and beginning anew, but really, the apocalypse dragon depicted just has an itch he's been dying to scratch.

Aquamarine Pendant Decoration Aquamarine Pendant

Limited Deep in the Mines of Dramoria, the largest aquamarine crystal deposit in the world was found. Using those crystals, the wizards have crafted the Pendant and suspended it above a pool comprised of water gathered from every major ocean, sea, river and lake in the known world.

Astrolabe Decoration Astrolabe

Limited The great wizard Dalfgan claims that the leap year is a myth, so he invented this magical contraption to capture the extra days. Nobody knows if it works or not, but it is said to have "unknown behavior" if it breaks. Maybe it's best to keep it in a safe location. Just in case.

Astrovane Decoration Astrovane

Limited The astrovane is used by wizards to track the cycles of the sun and the moon. When the days are exactly even, the sun and the moon emit a special magic to signal the arrival of the equinox dragon and the harvest festival.

Bed of Roses Decoration Bed of Roses

Limited Hand selected from the majestic Berrywhite Mountains, these beautiful flowers are sure to add to the love felt in the air this time of year. I just hope that your visitors don't try to pick them!

Bonsai Blossom Decoration Bonsai Blossom

Limited Each spring, in celebration of an ancient pact of friendship, powerful plant wizards of a far off realm send beautifully shaped Bonsai Blossom trees to the wizards of DragonVale. The poet-wizard Hi'Coo once described them as, "On a twisted trunk, spreading great joy through the land, blossoms of beauty.

Brick Path Decoration Brick Path

Brick paths are a welcomed upgrade from your basic stone paths. I'm sure your visitors will appreciate walking on an even surface.

Butterfly Pavilion Decoration Butterfly Pavilion

Limited When the butterfly pavilion was originally constructed, its stained glass was imbued with magic to attract butterflies by the thousands. We thought it'd be neat to have them all attracted to your park! Unfortunately that didn't work at all... But it may attract a butterfly dragon!

Cactus Decoration Cactus

Brought in from that great sandy home where the earth dragons roam, this fine specimen lends an atmosphere of authenticity to any earth habitat. Also, it's super cheap to water.

Cloisonne Runestone Decoration Cloisonne Runestone

Limited This beautiful decoration was crafted by a collaboration of Tolson the Red and Tehgood the Abrasive. Known to work together in tenuous situations, some people credit the power of their combined magics with making the floating islands in all of DragonVale a possibility.

Clover Cottage Decoration Clover Cottage

Limited These cottages may look small from the outside, but somehow the inside of them is larger than any other building that you will ever see! It's not known how the builders managed to do this, but our wizards assure us that they are almost definitely 99% certain that we are not being transported to another dimension inside.

Cloverknot Decoration Cloverknot

Limited Wizards have long held that any three things intertwined bring good luck. The CloverKnot Tree takes things a step further by being adorned with clovers. DragonVale's nurseries seem to only be able to grow and braid these when the celtic and clover dragons are around.

Cold Element Flag Decoration Cold Element Flag

The normally frosty Cold Dragons will be warm and inviting if you have this Cold Element Flag!

Corundum Crystal Decoration Corundum Crystal

Limited Corundum crystals are shards of what was once a large magical monument built by an ancient and unknown culture. In an effort to determine its true purpose, a group of wizards attempted to activate the structure with a spell. The spell caused it to shatter with a massive explosion of energy, creating the Scar of the World in the process. These flawless crystals are all that remain of the monument.

Cozy Dogen Decoration Cozy Dogen

A dogen is the traditional underground home of the Tols, a race of half-sized men from the Great South. In the southern fields you can sometimes overhear a Tolsan father telling his son to "get out and mow the roof before it gets dark.

Cryptocrystalline Talisman Decoration Cryptocrystalline Talisman

Limited The Cryptocrystalline Talisman was created by a great potion brewer, Pliny the middle aged. His long held research proved the long held belief that turquoise is a good charm against any type of misfortune. Pliny disproved all conjecture that bad luck comes to anyone whose gem changes color. Still, you may want to check it every so often.

Dark Element Flag  Decoration Dark Element Flag

Darken your park with these flags and show your appreciation for Dark Dragons!

Dark Remnant Decoration Dark Remnant

Erupting from the Pole of Almodson, this dark remnant represents the awesome power of dark magic itself. There was a time when some doubted whether dark magic existed, but visitors will speak of its humbling power after visiting your park.

Diamond Ring Decoration Diamond Ring

Limited A very solitary king traveled the land looking for companionship. As he was about to give up on his quest, he stopped in a craggy place for some rest. He happened upon a lovely miller's daughter drawing dragons on the rocks and boulders. Stunned by her beauty, he built this Diamond Ring monument to woo her. They adopted a diamond gemstone dragon and lived happily ever after.

DragInn Decoration DragInn

If your visitors don't want to warp home right away, they can drag their tired feet into the DragINN.

Dragon Egg Statue Decoration Dragon Egg Statue

This Dragon Egg Statue will show all of your visitors how much you love your dragons! They will surely know you are devoted to raising all types of dragons.

Dragon Library Decoration Dragon Library

This building houses thousands of years of Dragon lore! You will never find a place with more Dragon books!

Earth Element Flag Decoration Earth Element Flag

Earth Dragons are strong and stalwart. Let them know you love them with this Earth Element Flag!

Emerald Triquerta Decoration Emerald Triquerta

Limited This columnar formation from the Shimmering Isles has been carefully crafted and adorned with a three-cornered knot. The ancient symbol's meaning has been speculated for generations, but the prevailing theory is that it represents the symbiosis between wizards, dragons and the elements.

Erebus Ostracon Decoration Erebus Ostracon

The Tower of Erebus was laid waste when the Scar of the World was created. After dark magic returned to our world, the young wizard Keh discovered a piece of the ancient tower. He warned his wizard parents "Don't touch it! It's evil!" but they knew better and made a beautiful decoration from it. As Keh discovered, dark magic is not evil, just misunderstood

Eternal Flame Decoration Eternal Flame

Limited This eternal flame celebrates the wizard Getorix's discovery of how to magically make flame last forever.

Family Imprint Decoration Family Imprint

Limited This imprint may be fossil evidence that dragons have cared for each other for aeons. Or, at the very least, it's a way for visitors to compare their foot sizes to dragon foot sizes.

Fancy Lamp Decoration Fancy Lamp

A beautifully carved lamp post to help light your park and keep it safe for visitors.

Fire Element Flag Decoration Fire Element Flag

Show your appreciation of the mighty Fire Dragons with this Fire Element Flag!

Fire Statue Decoration Fire Statue

Legend tells us that the craftsman who carved the original version of this piece was so skilled that the statue would come to life at night and wreak havoc. Our version, while virtually identical, is certified magic-free so your visitors will be safe. The original statue was moved to the Magical Archives to be investigated by top men...Top. Men.

Firework Cauldron Decoration Firework Cauldron

Limited Originating in the Far East, extravagant displays of fireworks are now used to celebrate many special occasions throughout the land. The ones within this cauldron are renowned for exploding in colorful displays high up in the air. The wizards are doubling their efforts, toiling and troubling over how to get them to work.

Gemstone Flag Decoration Gemstone Flag

The Gemstone Flag celebrates the arrival of an exceedingly rare breed of dragons. Should your park be lucky enough to have any, shout it to the world with this flag!

Giant Mushroom Decoration Giant Mushroom

This great fungus brings with it the combined benefits of shading your visitors and also not being poisonous... probably. What more could you ask for?

Golden Path Decoration Golden Path

Crafted to look like dragonscales, golden paths are sure to set your park apart from all of the others. And don't worry - no dragons were harmed in the making of these beautiful tiles.

Happy Tree Decoration Happy Tree

Famous dragon artist Bob Ploss loved painting and planting Happy Trees! Maybe they will attract some little squirrel friends.

Horns of Sorec Decoration Horns of Sorec

Limited The Horns of Sorec are carved from a jet formation said to originate from the great tree that held up the sky in ancient days. The Horns commemorate the Legendary dragon Sorec the Thunderer. Little knowledge remains of this great dragon, sadly, other than he vanished from the world long ago.

Jack-O-Lantern Decoration Jack-O-Lantern

Limited Traditionally, farmers grow one magic pumpkin each year. Then on Halloween, they carve faces to scare away demons who come to steal their crops. Legend has it that one of these giant pumpkins grew so large that it pulled itself out of the ground and destroyed half a village before it was finally stopped. But that's probably just a rumor. I wouldn't worry about it.

Jadeite Oasis Decoration Jadeite Oasis

Limited Meticulously carved from stones on the Isle of Ulmek, the Jadeite Oasis pays homage an ancient garden built by Gregor the Great. Wizards like to gather on the bridge and reflect fondly on someone they once cared for.

La Reine De Pearls Decoration La Reine De Pearls

Limited The great swimmer, Mikael Whelps, was exploring the depths of the seas when he discovered something incredible -- La Reine De Pearls. These gigantic pearls are only found within the deepest ocean abyss near the Shimmering Isles, home to magnificant pearl dragons.

Lamp Decoration Lamp

An enchanted lamp that will provide light for many years.

Large Flower Bed Decoration Large Flower Bed

A Larger flower bed with even more flowers that are beautiful reds and pinks!

Light Element Flag Decoration Light Element Flag

Represent the noble light dragons with this brilliant Light Element Flag!

Light Vestige Decoration Light Vestige

Thank you for helping the wizards bring back Light Magic! To commemorate this monumental event, the wizards have unearthed this legendary light artifact. Though the centuries have worn it down, none of its regal presence has been lost.

Lightning Crystal Decoration Lightning Crystal

It's impressive to extract a few rare crystals for a dragon habitat, but what we have here is a giant erudine cluster found so deep within the Verulean Highlands that some of the wizards may-or-may-not-have used unlicensed magic to obtain them. Putting one of these on your islands will show the neighbors who really rules the sky!

Lightning Element Flag Decoration Lightning Element Flag

Celebrate the force of Lightning! Show your support with this Lightning Element Flag!

Luminous Crystals Decoration Luminous Crystals

These rare, floating Luminous Crystals were taken (legally, carefully and magically, of course) from the Shimmering Isles. While magnificent to look at, the crystals are extremely sharp. The portal wizards found a way to modify their spells to hold the crystals in place and allow them to not harm your guests.

Marble Path Decoration Marble Path

Flown in from the distant Berrywhite mountains, the marble used for these paths appears to shine during both night and day. Our wizards assure us that it isn't because of magic, so your visitors should be quite safe while walking on them.

Metal Element Flag Decoration Metal Element Flag

Everyone will know that you like Metal Dragons if you have a Metal Element Flag in your park!

Miroid Monument Decoration Miroid Monument

Limited: The Miroid Monument is a limited decoration. Currently this decoration is expired and can no longer be bought at the market.

Moon Flag Decoration Moon Flag

The traditional banner of the moon dragon. It bears no resemblance to delicious dairy snack foods. None at all. Trust us.

Olivine Obelisk Decoration Olivine Obelisk

Limited This grand monument, named for the Professor who discovered peridot dragons, contains shards of embedded peridot that are found after a peridot dragon headbutting contest.

Olympus Flag Decoration Olympus Flag

Champion the arrival of the olympus dragons with this Olympus Flag!

Pagoda Decoration Pagoda

Limited This ornate building arrived here just in time to celebrate the year of the dragon. The pagoda is a perfect place for your guests to relax and view a panlong dragon should your park be lucky enough to have one.

Paper Lantern Decoration Paper Lantern

Limited These beautiful lanterns arrived from a far away land to help celebrate the year of the dragon! As an added bonus they help your visitors find their away around your park at night. I hope they don't catch on fire easily...

Pillar of Prophecy Decoration Pillar of Prophecy

Limited Some people believe this statue signifies the end of the known world in late December. Others believe the world is in store for a big hug. A constricting, sharp toothed hug. Magic is building in the Pillar of Prophecy and some fear a vortex will ensue.

Plant Element Flag Decoration Plant Element Flag

A love of nature is important! Show everyone that you think Plant Dragons are awesome with this Plant Element Flag!

Rainbow Element Flag Decoration Rainbow Element Flag

Show your love for every dragon with this Rainbow Element Flag!

Rainbow Fountain Decoration Rainbow Fountain

Starting with the knowledge that light reflects through water droplets and creates a prismatic effect, the wizards carefully studied normal, double, twinned and supernumerary rainbows. After 22 months of honing their skills, the wizards have crafted a magic fountain that could generate multiple rainbow effects, the likes of which will bring your visitors to tears.

Red Tree Decoration Red Tree

Bringing all the colors of fall to your park, the Red Trees are magically suspended in their red leaf state.

Rose Topiary Decoration Rose Topiary

Limited This fragrant topiary hails from the witch Nadia's nursery in Cadberry Meadows. Special magic keeps it free from thorns and retains its heart shape. Nadia's also an accomplished baker, hence her strange interpretation of a "dozen.

Rustic Cave Decoration Rustic Cave

Limited Sometimes a wizard just needs to get away.

Seasonal Flag Decoration Seasonal Flag

No one will think you are a fair weather fan with this Seasonal Flag!

Sham-Rock Decoration Sham-Rock

Limited Said to have magically appeared one day in the meadows of Ulster, the Sham-rock seems to attract clover dragons whenever they come out from hiding. No one seems to know how these majestic beasts always find their way to the same place every year, but some have said that they are in search of some sort of lucky trinkets or charms.

Shard of Tull Decoration Shard of Tull

After the fiasco of building the large metal habitat the wizards thought it best to simply replicate the metal shards found in the Tull Caverns. I'm not sure what kind of magic was used to create it, but we've been told that there's only a 50/50 chance it's more dangerous than making a portal.

Skytree Decoration Skytree

For centuries, the Tobryn Skytree was regarded as a rare, endangered breed. It was so expensive to maintain that only the richest of the rich could afford one for their gardens. Not much has changed.

Small Flower Bed Decoration Small Flower Bed

A smaller flower bed with flowers that are a beautiful red color. Great for letting your visitors revel in the natural beauty of your park.

Snow Globe Decoration Snow Globe

Limited The gnome affectionately known as Mathias the Meddler always had a knack for building festive decorations. Inspired by the Star Sapphire of Trigon, Mathias created a globe to contain his effect. Not being a wizard, his attempts at snow spells invariably scattered all over the place. He didn't fail. He didn't exactly succeed either.

Snowy Tree Decoration Snowy Tree

In an effort to make your cold dragons feel more at home, we spent countless hours perfecting a spell to keep snow on these trees, even when they're surrounded by fire-breathing beasts.

Star Sapphire of Trigon Decoration Star Sapphire of Trigon

Limited The magnetic platform helps hold aloft one of the Stars of Trigon while impressive wizardry was used to keep the storm cloud engulfing the Star. An impressive combined effort of science and magic.

Stone Path Decoration Stone Path

A path for your visitors to walk on! Great for making sure they see all your park has to offer. If you build it, they will walk.

Sun Flag Decoration Sun Flag

The design on this flag was patterned after ancient cave drawings depicting the first sun dragon. We think it looks kind of like just the regular sun.

Sun Stones Decoration Sun Stones

The wizards have finally found a way to replicate the magic of the Ancient Sun Limited Stones of Surya. Although the Sun Stones' true power remain a mystery, twice a year when solstice dragons are near, the Sun Stones light up. Make sure to look to the sky the actual day of the solstice; the Sun Stones briefly beam magic high into the heavens.

Swimming Hole Decoration Swimming Hole

Wizards and witches, searching for a non-magical way to stay cool on warmer days, flock to the swimming hole. They cast invisibility spells on themselves while swimming, though. Being seen in public with sopping wet robes makes it appear as though they've had a spell backfire on them.

Talons of Typhon Decoration Talons of Typhon

Limited Wizards have spent near a millenia, since the ancient War of the Wizards, studying the spherical amethyst encased in the Talons of Typhon. They've never been able to pry it loose to examine it more closely, but early theories believe the sparkles encased in the perfect sphere are actually captured stars.

Tear of the Cataclysm Decoration Tear of the Cataclysm

Limited Wrought by the terrible forces of the Cataclysm, these extraordinary chunks of blue amber are extracted from deep within the Scar of the World. Wizards are busy investigating the mysterious play of dark and light within these artifacts.

Thatched Roof Cottage Decoration Thatched Roof Cottage

Everybody loves thatched roof cottages. Their unique look is warm and inviting. Place this in your park to really help your guests feel at home. Just be careful placing it too close to fire dragons. It would be tragic to accidentally burninate your thatched roof cottage.

Topaz Portal Decoration Topaz Portal

Limited: This is a triumph! Instead of traveling to the tiny island in the Shimmering Isles and lugging these amazing crystal formations home, the Wizards fashioned a portal system to get them into your park. Huge success!

Tower Hollow Decoration Tower Hollow

Limited There is a rider that gallops throughout the night seeking his home, Tower Hollow, in the middle of Crane Forest. They say he can be seen carrying his head in his arms, which would be quite unsettling... it's a good thing it's just a tall tale!

Traditional Villa Decoration Traditional Villa

This is an exact replica of a random house we found once while traveling through the country.

Treasure Flag Decoration Treasure Flag

What's better than a normal flag? A Treasure Dragon flag. Shiny.

Twisted Bamboo Decoration Twisted Bamboo

Limited: This plant was brought here to make the panlong dragon feel more at home. Growing like a weed in the Far East it would surely fill up your entire park within days! Luckily our wizards were able to stop it from spreading... or so they say.

Umbral Sculpture Decoration Umbral Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by the story of the creation of the world and the coming together of the first Sun and Moon dragons. When the magic is aligned to allow for Eclipse dragons to be bred the magic of sculpture is activated and a syzygy occurs.

Vernal Fountain Decoration Vernal Fountain

Limited Using water directly from the Vernal Springs that run beneath the Cadberry Meadows, this fountain will not only be a refreshing destination for guests within your park, but it is sure to make bloom dragons feel right at home! The wizards tell me that the water even has magical properties, and it can grant wishes to people who toss coins into it! For some reason it never seems to work for me though.

Virtrum Scyphus Decoration Virtrum Scyphus

When the desert wind blows over the openings of these bowl-shaped plants, it creates a soothing melody across the Sandara. The plants have found a new calling in the hands of the bard Aubrey, who has used this unique property to create the most beautiful music in DragonVale.

Volcano Decoration Volcano

I once went to the doctor with a fever. He told me the only prescription was more volcano. Bigger, better, and probably safer than ever, this mother of all volcanoes is just what the doctor ordered.

Water Element Flag Decoration Water Element Flag

If you love Water Dragons, let everyone know with this Water Element Flag!

Well Decoration Well

May all your visitors' dreams come true!

Witch Hut Decoration Witch Hut

Limited Mor'Gynne the Ancient was the most famous of all witches wielding more powerful magic than anyone had ever seen before. One Halloween, someone tricked her and in her anger, she magicked one of the carved pumpkin faces to come to life. It destroyed half a village before being stopped and she was never heard from again.

Ye Olde Buffet Decoration Ye Olde Buffet

The oldest and best buffet in all the land! This is a great place for your visitors to relax between dragon sightings. They sell huge turkey legs. mmMmMM

Yellow Tree Decoration Yellow Tree

Possibly the result of a spell gone wrong, this tree turns yellow in the summer, and only turns green when it snows.