Firework Dragon

Incubation Time 06:00:00
XP 750,000 XP
Lvl 10 Earn Rate 41
Breedable Yes

Firework Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Air Fire 25 4 36%
Fire Sonic 2 2 18%
Blazing Lightning 3 2 18%
Air Scorch 2 2 18%
Blazing Rain 1 1 9%
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Additional Firework Dragon Information

Wizards often use firework spells to light up the sky for celebrations. One year, a young wizard named Vander Horck, determined to create the most magnificent firework display in history, decided to change the spell. Upon its casting, the spell burst high in the air with a bright red glare more splendid than anyone could have imagined. In response to the magnificent display, thousands of colorful firework dragons poured into the night sky and to this day are only seen during grand celebrations.